11 Worst Makeup & Cosmetic Mistakes Women Make


Beauty is a subjective thing, but being well-groomed is a result of daily work. You need to love yourself, to take care of yourself and not to make beauty mistakes, which can reduce to nothing all your efforts.

1. They squeeze pimples, even though everyone knows that this should not be done

Many girls cannot help doing this from time to time, and many often get rid of acne on the face by popping them and leaving sores. In addition, they apply masking cosmetics on these sores, although it is categorically forbidden to do this.

2. They do not wash makeup brushes


Applying makeup, girls think that their face is absolutely clean, so it makes no sense to wash brushes and sponges. They are wrong and cannot figure out why pimples appear on their face.

3. They do not get rid of mascara when the shelf life is ended because there is still something left

According to the rules, mascara should be replaced every three months. If you use mascara more than you are supposed to, you can get an infection in the eye. Some ladies manage to use mascara for 2 years!

4. They wet the finger with saliva to correct makeup


Of course, everyone has cotton swabs. But many women still wet a finger with saliva, if they want to correct their makeup a little. After all, there is no time in the morning to use safer methods.

5. They scrape the remains of the shabby nail polish

If there is no nail polish remover at hand, the easiest and the ugliest way is to scrape the remains of the nail polish. It is especially convenient to do this at work! Horrible!

6. When applying too much makeup foundation, they remove its remnants back into the bottle with their hands

An even worse thing would be to collect the remains of the foundation from the dressing table back into the bottle.

7. They squeeze blackheads on their nose


After the procedure, the nose becomes reddened. In such a way it reacts to the fact that the owner failed to use a more forgiving method – for example, special adhesive tapes for the removal of blackheads.

8. They continue to use compact powder, which has crumbled

It seems that it is not necessary to buy new powder, if you still have enough of the old one left, though it has crumbled and stains everything around.

9. They sleep with makeup on the face

Each respected publication, dedicated to skin care, makeup application and similar topics, writes that it is absolutely necessary to remove makeup before sleep. This not only contributes to staining the bed linen, but also affects the skin condition adversely. For some reason, women constantly violate this rule.

10. They share eyeliner with a friend


Everybody knows that this is the right way to get the infection and bacteria from another person, but they still continue to share makeup with their best friends. Friendship is not an antibacterial agent.

11. They use probes in shops, knowing that thousands of women have already done the same thing before them

Girls do not believe they can get an infectious disease after trying cosmetics in a shop. Just imagine the same pencil or lipstick being tried by a large number of people before you!

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