How to Lose Weight While Staying in Bed?

Almost every woman is bothered by the eternal, almost Shakespearean question: what should I eat to lose weight? There is also a more modern version: what should I do to keep fit without making much effort? The British scientists have the answer: you need to sleep. Just do it properly – possibly under the supervision of a coach.

The plague of the 21st century is not even the infamous HIV, but chronic fatigue. It affects a far greater percentage of the planet’s population. The consequences can be very unpredictable, but the reasons are almost always the same – lack of sleep and low-quality sleep. British scientists have calculated that about 26% of their fellow citizens sleep less than 5 hours a day. To help Brits save on sleeping pills, anti-depressants, consultations with a therapist, and gyms, there appeared very unusual workouts in Britain – workouts in bed.

The unique exercises have been dubbed Napercise. One session lasts one hour and consists of two stages. First – 15 minutes of stretching, which helps to work out all the muscles and promote total relaxation. It is followed by 45 minutes of healthy sleep and sweet dreaming. No cold floors and mats, only maximum comfort: each participant occupies a single bed and gets a sleep mask. The coach gives instructions on how to breathe properly and what position to take. Then relaxing music and peaceful sounds of nature are switched on.

By the way, the temperature in the room is adjusted so that the body burns as many calories as possible during the “intense” dream session. So such exercises have a positive impact on the body.

However, the main goal of Napercise is improving mood, dealing with chronic fatigue, neuroses and depression. These are the factors, which many forget about, and which often make us gain weight. In fact, most people are prone to the habit of “comfort eating”. So, proper relaxation = a more slender and healthier body. You don’t have to be a British scientist to work out this formula, right?

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